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The agreement is complemented by three additional agreements: the Science and Technology Agreement and the Wine and Spirits Agreements. The TDCA`s fisheries agreement has not been concluded. South Africa also has qualified adherence to the Cotonou Agreement, which governs relations between the EU and ACP countries. The agreement covers a number of areas and contains a clause on future developments that will broaden the scope of cooperation. South Africa and the EU can take safeguards when an imported product is likely to cause serious harm to domestic industry. The agreement also allows South Africa to adopt temporary safeguards (for example. B an increase or reintroduction of tariffs). In addition, similar measures protect the economies of members of the Central African Customs Union and the outermost regions of the EU (such as Reunion). EU development assistance to South Africa is mainly provided by the EU budget through the Development Cooperation Financing Instrument.

Today`s agreement provides security for businesses in both countries and demonstrates our commitment to building our strong trade relations with Northern Macedonia and the Western Balkans region. The IIA browser is constantly adapted by reviewing and commenting from UN member states. It is based mainly on information provided by governments on a voluntary basis. A contract is entered into a country`s IGE census after its formal conclusion; Contracts that have been negotiated but have not been signed are not counted. A contract is excluded from the IGE census as soon as its termination comes into force, whether or not it may continue to have legal effects on certain investments during its “survival” period (“sunset”). If the contract is replaced, only one of the contracts between the same parties is accounted for. Depending on the situation, the contract counted may be “old” if it remains in force until the newly concluded AI is ratified. While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the content, UNCTAD assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions in this data. The information and texts contained in the database have a purely informative purpose and have no official or legal status.

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