Ohio Oral Lease Agreement

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This is the opposite of a lease for a term that ends automatically, unless steps are taken to continue the term. A periodic lease is what is usually referred to as the monthly lease. A rental agreement according to the will lasts until one of the parties agrees to terminate the rental. This can be done either explicitly or implicitly. A rental tenancy refers to the tenant who held on to the expiry of the lease. The tenant cannot deny access to the landlord if the landlord offers an appropriate purpose and/or notification. If the lessee does not fulfil these obligations, the lessor may terminate the lease in accordance with point 5321.11 by sending the tenant a written notification of the actual conduct constituted by the tenant`s failure to comply with the obligations. If the landlord retaliates against the tenant, the tenant is authorized, in accordance with the Ohio Code, Section 5321.02, to use the landlord`s retaliatory measure as a defense against an action by the lessor to restore ownership of the premises; (2) regain possession of the premises; or (3) terminate the lease. The tenant may also be able to repair the actual damage as well as reasonable attorneys` fees….

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