Pizza Hut Master Franchise Agreement

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As part of the 10-year contract, Restaurant Brands will be responsible for the day-to-day management of the Pizza Hut brand in New Zealand, support its own existing independent stores and develop new outlets. “Pizza Hut has been known in Australia since the early 1970s. It was one of the first pizza companies to be with us in Australia and we want to revitalize this innovative legacy to improve the customer experience,” said Moynihan. This is a unique opportunity to use a recognized brand in a growing market segment. We see this as an exciting outcome for our investors and a growth opportunity for Pizza Hut franchisees and employees,” he said. The new agreement that Brands Restaurant had previously marked will see that it will receive a portion of the franchise fees to be paid by independent franchisees in Yum! AmRest does not own the KFC brand and does not sell licenses to operate these restaurants in any of the markets where the company operates. Collaboration with AmRest on a franchise basis for the KFC brand is not possible. Territory granted: the franchisor grants franchisees a protected radius consisting of 500 meters around each of their restaurants system (protected radius). Subject to compliance with all brand standards by the franchisee, compliance with supply markets on national, regional and institutional accounts, and the provision of an appropriate delivery service during the delivery area or areas, the franchisor will not develop or operate or authorize another franchisee or licensee to develop or operate , on site or in the protected department, a restaurant system compliant with the concept of restaurant system that the franchisor operates on the site. In addition, the franchisor grants franchisees, for each restaurant system they operate, a specific delivery range in which they can deliver authorized products. Allegro acquired the franchise agreement with a local buy-in management team that, as experience has done, is active in the fast food industry; Peter Rodwell, Lisa Ransom and Chris Leslie. Financial assistance: except as described below, the franchisor does not offer, directly or indirectly, agreements to finance a franchisee`s initial investment or continued operation of its restaurants. Even if franchisees meet all of the requirements for the programs, the franchisor may decide not to allow them to participate in both loan assistance programs. In addition, PHLLC may suspend credit support programs at any time.

Learn more on Pizza Hut`s official website.

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