No Backdoor Agreement

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After being shunned by a series of countries out of fear, its equipment could help the Chinese government spy, telecommunications giant Huawei, represented by CEO Jay Chen, said on Monday that the company was ready to sign a “no backdoor” agreement with India. NEW DELHI (Reuters) – China`s Huawei Technologies is ready to strike a “no backdoor” deal with India to allay security concerns, the telecoms group`s local boss said on Monday, as the vast South Asian country prepares to launch the next generation of 5G networks. The document appears to be Huawei`s first publicly disclosed non-espionage agreement and describes a rigorous process to prove that the equipment does not contain secret “backdoors” allowing external entities to access networks or install malware. It also pledges to reject requests for information from Chinese security authorities. Chinese technology giant Huawei, which is under fire in the United States for allegedly violating users` sensitive information, has offered to sign a “No Backdoor” agreement with the Indian government to allay fears that it could use its telecommunications equipment for surveillance. First, agreements without backdoors can alleviate serious concerns for both government and business. The government is getting full cooperation from companies in the field of cybersecurity. A full audit and safety assessment can be used to ensure that the company`s commitment is reliable without a backdoor. The company, which receives government confirmation through non-backdoor agreements, can reduce domestic concerns about product safety and facilitate cooperation between local businesses and partners in the country. “From the beginning, I am convinced that the Indian industry, the Indian market, will welcome Huawei because I have contributed a lot with my unique value,” Chen said. “I`m ready to sign a deal without a backdoor.” Finally, undropried agreements will enhance the transparency of the economy and policy and reduce the risk that relations between the state and business will become a political issue. Non-backdoor agreements mean that there is no behind-the-scenes business between the company and the government.

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