Statement Of Work Retainer Agreement

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Listen to your experience to predict what may come out, then think and develop possible scenarios about how you will react to the change. Anything that gets out of control and goes beyond the box should not go unnoticed in terms of costs. Don`t be afraid to go into details. Let the retainer contract work for you by clearly defining what is contained in the container and what is not. Suppose the customer opts for a $1,000/month re-enterer. What happens next is they start thinking, “Well, that`s $100 an hour. $1000 divided by 10 hours is $100. Wouldn`t it be better for me to pay you $100 an hour if I need one of your advisors? With paid redirects, companies intend to receive monthly payments from their customers. If you`re interested in a retainer deal, it`s because at some point, while building your business, you`ve discovered that you`re working more and more for a smaller segment of important customers. You know how much you really earn on time. If you find that you are not working near your target rate, you can renegotiate the terms or price, or you can terminate and continue the contract.

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